Dr. Gerard Verschuuren

Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren
is a human geneticist who studied and worked
at universities in Europe and the USA.
Currently, he specializes in using computer programs such as Excel, XLfit, Access, VBA, VB.NET and C#.NET for scientific and other purposes - and he provides training on these programs.
In addition, he is a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Dr. Verschuuren is also the author of many popular books, CDs, and DVDs listed below. His work is well known for its clarity: New ideas are introduced clearly, followed by excellent examples that illustrate the concept. Dr. V. has a happy knack of laying out positions quickly and clearly, and he has a real gift for setting down an idea diagrammatically, separating out concepts with a few strokes of the pen.
As a professor in Europe, Dr. V. was highly respected and known for his gift of simplifying complicated issues. His work will give you the expertise you are searching for.

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Visual Learning Series (CD or DVD)

Excel Video Medley (2016)

Excel 2013 VBA (2014)

Excel 2013 for Scientists (2014)

Excel 2007 for Scientists (2007)

Excel 2007 Expert (2007)

Excel VBA 2007 (2008)

VB-Script (2013)

Visual C# Express DVD (2008)

Access 2007 VBA (2008)

Access VBA Accessible (2005)

Your Access to the World (2004)

HTML and JavaScript (2005)


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100 Excel Simulations (2016)

Excel 2013 for Scientists (2014)

80 Excel Simulations (2013)

From VBA to VSTO (2006)

100 Excel VBA Simulations (2016)

What Makes You Tick? (2012)
Solas Press

God and Evolution? (2012)
Pauline Books

Darwin's Legacy (2012+2014)
Lexington Books

Of All That Is, Seen and Unseen
Queenship Publishing

The Destiny of the Universe
Paragon House

It's All in the Genes! - Really?

Life's Journey - A Guide from Conception to Natural Death
Angelico Press

Five Anti-Catholic Myths
Angelico Press

Aquinas and Modern Science
Angelico Press

Holism-Reductionism Debate

Life and Death Issues
Angelico Press, Fall 2017

Myth of an Anti-Science Church
Angelico Press, Spring 2018

Religion under Siege

Faith and Reason

Anti-Catholic Fabrications


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Excel VBA Tutorials
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Access VBA Tutorials
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