"The book is spiced with clear and effective examples and analogies [...] His book is accessible and yet instructive for student and teacher alike. Like Fred Astaire, he makes the steps look easy. Such facility in Brady's case betrays a lifetime work in the philosophy of God."
Curtis L. Hancock, Review of Metaphysics, March, 1999

"What is very useful for undergraduates is the inclusion in Part I of primary texts [...] The homely style and examples seem to derive from a course of lectures on natural theology and from the author's endeavour to translate complex philosophical notions into language intelligible to undergraduates [...] The author's approaches are new in that he proposes some novel interpretations of the three thinkers mentioned in the title."
Paul Lennon, The Heythrop Journal, October, 1999

"Fr. Brady's book is, among other things, a subtle and challenging reflection, an engaging meditation, on a number of attempted proofs [...] for the existence of God."
Joseph Bobik, University of Notre Dame.

"Perhaps his most interesting and challenging comments are on the links between our apprehensions of the natural world and our perceptions of the supernatural world."
Paul M. St. Pierre, in The British Columbia Catholic

"I recommend this book as a 'must read.' [...] a most succinct and readable presentation. The book will assist in a 'renaissance of Christian culture.'
This book is a model of clarity, fully respectful of the best philosophical thinking, and a tribute both to Fr. Brady and the many students who, over these forty years, have had the privilege to participate in his dialogue with 'that than which a greater cannot be conceived'."
John J. Oldfield, O.A.R., in AVGVSTINVS

"A Must for Philosophy Students!"
Cebauer, May 29, 1998, Barnes & Noble