"And just like the Mars meteorite frenzy, Van den Beukel's book breathes new life into an old but intriguing dispute."
Awareness News Service

"Professor Van den Beukel seems to me to be a very honest man, thinking seriously about science as a human enterprise. [...] This is a book well worth reading."
C.W. Francis Everitt, Professor of Experimental Physics, Stanford University.

"The book is worth reading for the mere fact that is explains the new physics in simple language. [...] It is a marvelous book, which I finished at one sitting."
Frans Saris, Director Amsterdam Institute for Fundamental Research on Matter.

"Something funny is happening to physics. As more and more is discovered about the early universe and the structure of matter, so the debate about the role of God in it all intensifies. [...] This book is a surprisingly emotional testimony. [...] It is a powerful argument."
Angela Tilby, Producer for BBC Television.

"It is a deeply felt book, autobiographical at times, that reveals the sensitiveness and faith of the author."
V.V. Raman in Choice, 4/1996

"Here is a man one would like to meet."
Edward Rogers in Methodist Recorder

"[...] an interesting contribution to the literature on science and religion."
John Polkinghorne, President of Queens' College, Former Professor of Mathematical Physics, Cambridge University

"[...] the book as a whole can be recommended for thoughtful reading and guidance in living."
Richard H. Bube, Stanford University, in Perspectives on Science and Religion

"Beukel's theophysics debate is intriguing to follow."
Paul Matthew St.Pierre, in The British Columbia Catholic