"A unique book aimed at giving an introduction to all parts of philosophy. [...] One cannot recommend enough the chapters on truth and being, the closest to Bochenski's own field, in which he set standards for the role of logic and metaphysics in twenty-first century philosophical research."
Riccardo Pozzo, in The Review of Metaphysics, September 2001

"Few have the philosophical breadth or clarity of expression characteristic of Bochenski's work. In this extraordinary introduction to philosophy, Bochenski with admirable precision and brevity presents a spectrum of philosophical issues, rendering them accessible to the beginner."
Jude P. Dougherty, Dean of the School of Philosophy, The Catholic University of America, Washington DC.

"[...] a delightfully lucid and well-balanced introduction."
Peter M. Simons, Philosophy Professor, University of Leeds, UK

"This continues to be an excellent brief introduction to philosophy."
Raymond Boisvert, Philosophy Professor, Siena College, NY

"The book is remarkable for several reasons."
Paul M. St.Pierre in The British Columbia Catholic

"I found it quite interesting."
Martin Golding, Philosophy Professor, Duke University, NC

"It is an ideal book for novices [...] concise and complete without being overwhelming."
Jim Sauer, Philosophy Professor, St. Mary's University, TX

"I had the pleasure of hearing him some years back, and if his text is as lively as he was then, it would be a good intro for general students."
Eric R. Kraemer, Philosophy Professor, University of Wisonsin, La Crosse, WI

"A brilliant man, and I am sure his book is wonderful."
Ken A. Megill, Philosophy Professor, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC