Excel 2013 VBA (CDROM)

by Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren

Published by Holy Macro Books! Uniontown, OH

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Module 1:Basic Essentials
	Object  Oriented
	Recording Macros
	Branch Statements
	Variables (Value Type)
	Variables (Object Type)
	Loop Statements
	Variables as Arguments
	Pivot Tables and Charts
Module 2: Formulas and Arrays
	Dates and Calendars
	The Current-Region
	Property WorksheetFunction
	Property Formula
	Property FormulaR1C1
	Custom Functions
	Array Functions
	1D- and 2D-Arrays
	Customized Arrays
	Variant Arrays
Module 3: Buttons, Forms, and More
	Importing and Exporting
	Buttons, Bars, Menus
	Application Events
	User Forms
	Data Entry + Mail Merge
	Custom Objects (Classes)
	Class Collections
	Error Handling
	Distributing VBA code
	VBA Monitoring VBA